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Used for electromechanical manufacturing , in the aeronautical and automotive industries . Frequently employed for sand castings with high characteristics ( structural components of engines ) , and for gravity castings (pliers for disc brakes ) .

Transmission boxes , cylinder blocks and other applications where good castability and good weldability, pressure seal and good resistance to corrosion are required.

Applications in critical components and other uses where it is required an alloy for gravity casting heat treatable which also has a high strength , good toughness and weldability

Castings obtained by die casting requiring corrosion resistance greater than the alloy EN - AC - 46500 . Is used in applications where it is required an excellent castability , pressure sealing , resistance to hot tearing , high temperature strength and ability to be electrolytically coated.

Suitable for castings with complex design , thin walls and pressure sealing . For huge thickness it is convenient to modify the alloy.

Alloy suitable to produce corrosion resistant gravity castings, even without surface treatment. It’s particularly used in the, shipbuilding , chemical, furniture and food industry. It is used for the construction of scales and slicers bases.

Alloy suitable for the production of castings with good mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistant . It used in the chemical industry , shipbuilding , furniture and construction industries . It's really good for anodization and oxidation . Alloy EN 51300 complies with EN 601 foodstuff Standard .


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